Project 80 is a registered trademark and is dedicated to training a generation of students who will solve real wold problems in a way that few others can.  Join us.

The writing on this site is copyrighted by the original authors who retain ownership of their work.

Our Motto

“Change what matters” has two meanings.  We focus on things that are important and we change what people focus on.

Who We Are

We are students, teachers, designers, and scientists who want to use science to educate target audiences.

Science is a collobaritve effort requiring a variety of skill sets.


We use whatever device we deem most effective in tackling an issue and target audience.  We blog, make podcasts, design videos, send groups to teach. . .

What We Fight

We see so many important things around us influenced by speculation.  We seek to introduce hard science in these matters.

Our Prejudice

We approach each project we encounter with an open mind.  We don’t seek to tell a story, only to uncover data.  The stories we tell are developed after months of research, never before.

Love is like a Heroine High

For all those who weren't there last Thursday for Luke De’s presentation on Love is like a Heroine High, I would recommend checking it out here Youtube (Is Love a Heroin High).. The video is a little crappy and it starts after the first minute, but De brought up...

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